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Wing for a Cure

Offering a positive diversion for kids battling cancer through the game of golf.

Shaun Maher, Golf Pro & Founder of Bluebirds 2014

Bringing Golf – and Hope – to Children & Their Families

501(c)(3) Supporting Research for Pediatric Oncology

From the start, founder Shaun Maher’s mission has been to use his talent as a golf pro to bring a fun distraction to children who are battling cancer. Using a bluebird as a symbol of hope and happiness, Bluebirds 2014 is built on a passion for the sport as well as for helping others.

Born in Cromwell, CT, Shaun has been in the golf business for over 20 years, and is a member of the PGA. Now, he takes his skills on the road visiting Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Oncology wards. He uses scaled-down clubs with plastic heads and special balls to teach the kids about the game, give them some exercise, and create some joy in their day – all in a safe but fun setting.

“The program offers a chance to bond and gain a sense of empowerment for children during a time when they are in a situation where they have so little control.”

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Creating Engagement & Empowerment

What Has Bluebirds 2014 Accomplished?

  • 10,000+

    Funds Raised

  • 1,000+

    Hours Donated

  • 200+

    Children Visited

  • 3+

    Hospitals Helped

  • 100%

    Families Happy

  • Hospital Support

    Bluebirds 2014 equally seeks to support the hospitals and their ability to deliver these fun programs to children who are receiving medical treatment. Hospitals in New York and Connecticut have benefited from Shaun’s programs because it truly offers what many hospitals don’t have – sports activities. Being able to provide respite from long treatments is invaluable, and hospital staff have praised the programs for what it does for the kids. Shaun’s golf activities get the children out of their rooms and moving around, getting them much-needed exercise and activity.

  • Cancer Research

    Support of Pediatric Oncology research is very important to Bluebirds 2014, and Shaun works closely with hospitals to make sure the money raised goes where it should. Bluebirds 2014 supports programs that are focused on new and integrated approaches to cures for pediatric cancer, as well as innovative treatments. Funds raised have thus far supported labs that have won grants and awards  from organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Rally Foundation.

  • Family Support

    For Shaun, Bluebirds 2014 is less about the game itself and more about what it does to help the children and their families. While he has a deep passion for golf and enjoys teaching it, over the years he has found that what his organization is really about is the personal connections and the smile his program brings. Children battling cancer need physical as well as emotional support, and Shaun feels he can help support the kids and their families best through golf. Additionally, funds raised by Shaun’s programs are used for financial support for families in need, directly helping pay for treatments and tests.

Your Support and Generosity are the Cornerstone of What We Do

All of the programs run by Bluebirds 2014 are volunteer-based and donation-based including materials and supplies. Your generous donation means that Shaun can help more kids in more clinics to enjoy the game of golf, and perhaps find a bit of hope. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Bluebirds 2014 welcomes any type of donation you are willing to give.

Thank you for your continued support in our mission!

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